Breathing in New Life

The Covid-19 pandemic locked us all away for months. We are slowly finding ways to reconnect with each other again. While being tucked away, going in on ourselves, learning what it was like to feel enclosed, wrapped up with our loved ones, our thoughts, our music, our writings and the constant, giving nature of Nova Scotia, we found ourselves deepening, reflecting on the essence of what it is to live, love, and the meaning of life. Questions. Patience, Hope. When will this end, this foreboding feeling of uncertainty? We surfaced…like a re-birth, looking at the world with clearer eyes. Respecting our beautiful planet with emotional, awestruck adoration. Can we survive? Can we collaborate, clearly, consciously with nature and hold her delicately, with trust on both sides, breathing new life within her and ourselves?

Paula Rockwell – November 21, 2021

Published by delhavenmezzo

Singer, songwriter, teacher, foodie, writer, actor, nature lover, beach walker, mother of 3 beauties.

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